The Quarantined

Website for a French Sommelier in Sydney.

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  • ROLE

    Website design, branding

  • DATE

    April 2020


    Wordpress, PHP


Jean is a French sommelier based in Sydney. When the COVID-19 crisis occurred, he had to find a way to offer his services from home. So he came up with the idea of offering sommelier training via video-conferencing: The Quarantined Sommelier was born.
The logo was realized on Illustrator, I used a photo to create an outline of Jean's face. I kept simple colors such as blue, red and white in order to remind the colors of the French flag.


To build his website, I used WordPress as a CMS with WooCommerce for the integration of the shop. The website has a booking function after the order, a Messenger chat integration, a contact form, and SEO setup. It was also necessary to implement customization using PHP code.